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本文是留学生作业网为大家整理的一篇优质Essay代写范文,题目为:When you have trouble sleeping。本文主要讲述了随着社会的发展,人民生活水平也不断的提高。与此同时,人们也开始关注身体健康的问题。其中,睡眠是长期困扰着大家的一个问题。


When you have trouble sleeping

With the society developing,people’s living standard is getting better.As a result,they begin paying more attention to the health topics.Among them,sleep is an intriguing topic.It is a problem bothering modern people for long.Especially today,with the pace of life accelerating,it is capturing more and more attention from all walks of life.Sleep does matter.The need for sound and sufficient sleep has worldwide importance.


I.The History of Sleep Problem Study

Sleep is not a new health topic.Scholars have been studying this area for long,in terms of psychology,medicine and so on.They tried to discover the mystery of sleep for the public.

Early in 1913,Henri Pieron published the first book to study sleep from the perspective of psychology,which is called Le probleme physiologique du sommeil.His studies are widely considered as the beginning of modern approach to sleep research.Later in the 1920s,Nathaniel Kleitman began to study the regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms,including studies of sleep characteristics in different populations and effects of sleep deprivation.In 1953 he and Eugene Aserinsky,made the landmark discovery of rapid eye movement(REM)during sleep.(Stanford,1999)

Dr.William C.Dement came up with the“cyclical”nature of nocturnal sleep in 1955.Then in 1957 and 1958 he discovered the relationship between REM sleep and dreaming.Meanwhile,he published a paper on the existence of a cyclic organization of sleep in cats.His finding of sleep cycles in species other than humans has created an explosion of fundamental research and attracted researchers from other fields such as pharmacology,biochemistry,leading to Michel Jouvet’s identification of REM sleep as an independent state of alertness called“paradoxical sleep.”(Stanford,1999)

Since 1965,discoveries by European researchers on the presence of apnea during sleep among“Pickwickian”patients brought out a flurry of investigations of the control exercised by the“sleeping brain”on the body’s vital functions.This type of work also led to the new discipline of“sleep medicine.”(Sleep Disorder Info,2014)

Today sleep study has developed into a branch of study which is related to areas like narcolepsy research,sleep and cardio-respiratory research,and studies of pain and sleep,circadian rhythms,shift work and its effects on sleep,sleep deprivation,and infant sleep.It is gaining more and more value of study.

II.The Impact of Sleep Problem on the Individual and Society

As for the sleep problem,there is an interesting description in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.“....The entire town of Macondo was stricken by a sleep problem---the insomnia.Interestingly,the insomnia was infectious.Therefore,both the old and the young were suffering from this disease.At first,insomnia brought energy to the town,because people worked more and sleep less.As a result,the town took on a new look of prosperity and its economy boosted.However,problems came sooner.Under the influence of insomnia,the inhabitants started to forget things and some even died from it.The town became lifeless again.Insomnia was not cured until Melquíades returned....”(García,1978)Although the novel exaggerated the problem,yet from the descriptions,the influence of sleep problem on the individual and society can be seen.It could post great threats to daily life and the order of society.

To individuals,first of all,sleep problem is companied by other health problems.Sleep problem may put individuals at the risks of many diseases,like high blood pressure,heart attack,and hypertension.As Stuart(2009)pointed out,there is substantial evidence linking sleep problems with cardiovascular disease,etc..Regarding the Obstructive Sleep Apnea,one of the sleep problems,this condition may be the fatally risky factor for the development of hypertension,cardiovascular disease,and other illness.Conditions like insomnia are strongly associated,but it is verified that they are primary risk factors determined only in longitudinal cohort studies.Whether or not they are primary risk factors for cardiovascular disease,it is likely that disturbances caused by sleep problems occur more commonly in people with some types of cardiovascular disease.Sleep problems can be an important signal of other health problems,which can’t be overlooked.

Besides health problems,sleep problem can affect individual’s efficiency at work,resulting in more absences and lower productivity.According to Rahkonen and Lallukka(2012),21%of women and 17%of men reported frequent sleep problems are linked to frequent sickness absence in their research.They concluded that sleep problem should be addressed to prevent sickness absence.Resulted from illness caused by sleep problem,their working ability would also be impaired.For example,the loss of sleep can affect individual’s interpretation of events,which hurts our ability to make sound judgments,because they may not assess situations accurately and act on them wisely.Because of the impaired ability,working efficiency lowered.

Sleep problem can affect individual’s performance,safety and quality of life.At the same time,it affects the society.It seems that Sleep problem has developed into a public epidemic,torturing the whole society.Social problems caused by it vary from economic loss to frequent car accidents.Harvey and Bruce in their book(2006)said,“The high estimated costs to society of leaving the most prevalent sleep disorders untreated are far more than the costs that would be incurred by delivering adequate treatment.Hundreds of billions of dollars a year are spent on direct medical costs associated with doctor visits,hospital services,prescriptions,and over-the-counter drugs.”Whether the society determines to fight sleep problem or not,it would cause great economic cost.Those suffered individuals need health care,which would lead to increased health care utilization.Furthermore,it will bring a long-term burden to the health care system.The sleep problem sufferers’keeping visiting doctors and getting medical treatment would consequently place greater burden on the society and thus cause higher costs.The direct cost of sleep problem could be the money that patients spent on treatments and medical care,and the indirect cost would be the associated loss of productivity,industrial and motor vehicle accidents,hospitalization,and increased alcohol consumption.All these are products of the sleep problem.

Actually,the impact of sleep problem can be far more serious than it is mentioned above.Both the individual and society should pay attention to it.

III.Recommendations on Reducing the Impact of Sleep Problem

Both individuals and the society are faced with challenges from sleep problem.Therefore,to reduce the impacts of sleep problem requires individual’s efforts as well as supports from all walks of life in the society.

“Frequent insufficient sleep is strongly associated with poor quality of life,including smoking,physical inactivity and drinking ect..”(Herrick,2010)Individuals should improve awareness of sleep problem and form good habits.First,take more exercise.Research has shown that people who are physically fit and active will have a better quality of sleep.However,avoiding strenuous exercise in the evening and certainly just before bedtime is important as well.Second,eat a balance diet.Eating habits are closely related to health.People eat a lot would easily suffer from sleep apnoea,while those who are often on diet would be waken up by hunger during night.Consequently,a balance diet matters when it comes to solving sleep problem.Third,pay attention to alcohol,tobacco and caffeine intake.All these are so-called stimulant affecting our sleeping quality.Individuals should reduce the intake of such substance.Finally,individuals should improve their awareness of sleep problem and sleep itself.Once encountered such problem,take appropriate measures to cope with it.To conclude,individuals can form good habits to reduce the impacts from sleep problem.

The society should provide supports to reduce the impacts of sleep problem.More academic health centers studying sleep problem should be built to study sleep problem.On one hand,through studying sleep problem,there will be more solutions to reduce its damage to people and society.On the other hand,centers can provide the public with more professional advice to get rid of sleep problem and form good habits.Improvements in the health care system should be made as well.Government should put more money and human resources into this field,including founding hospitals or clinics specialized in curing diseases related to sleep problem and providing more professional training to the nurses.In the end,enough propaganda can arouse public awareness of this problem.

Through the efforts of individuals and the society,the negative impact of sleep problem would be minimized.However,individuals are the key to solving sleep problem.Reflecting the modern life,people want to beat sleep problem?There is still a long way to go.

IV.How Sleep Problem Relates to My Current Profession

Actually,as a student,sleep problem is not a health topic that far away from me.However,I didn’t take it so serious before.It was turned out to be wrong.

I got used to drinking a lot of coffee at night and sleep irregularly.Soon these bad habits made me feel uncomfortable.I often felt sleepy during the day while couldn’t fall asleep at night.I was inefficient when working or studying and got tired easily,so I had to rely more and more on coffee to keep me awake during the day.But it only worsened my situation.I tired to get rid of sleep disorder by changing the bad habits.Until now,though things get better,I am still under the influence of the sleep problem.I can tell that sleep problem is everywhere and hard to get rid of.If I want to live a high-quality life,I should do more to reduce impact from sleep problem.


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